Mobile First Searching

Your site needs to work for ALL types of devices.

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Responsive Design

A website is responsive when it adapts to fit a users screen size.



With 70% of local searches now happening on cell phones a mobile-friendly design is a necessity. Your site must be capable of responding to the screen sizes for all devices used to view it.



A responsive site ensures a consistent user experience and allows you to replicate your content seamlessly on smaller screens.



Today, the majority of search queries happen on a mobile device. When we build a site, we incorporate responsive design.


Why Responsive Design?

Adaptability is automatic to make your site work well for all sizes and types of screens - desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones - now and in the future.

Versatile and Practical

Because it is scalable, you only need one site that will consolidate web traffic - that means much better SEO results, especially on Google.

It also means that your FULL content is available to ALL visitors.

Easy-to-Read on ANY device

Considering that over 120 million US consumers owned a tablet by 2016, one-third of the total US adult population, this is CRITICAL.

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