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Our Internet Marketing Director has 15 years experience in online marketing and SEO, and our President has 22 years in web design, and our conversion scientist has over 10 years in conversion science and web design.  Our copywriter / senior marketing director has over 40 years in Marketing.

With ChooseMySite Digital Marketing, you get the same senior people that you meet with from the beginning of the process, the work does not get handed off to the intern or newbies you sometimes find with the big agencies.

Beware the Masquerade

As mentioned, many companies talk about “doing SEO.”  But, they may be putting on a masquerade.

These folks tend to be “one-trick ponies,” pushing only local search directories or PPC vs organic SEO.
They have only a few limited schemes – but promise a lot.  Most focus on a very few “strategies” – like:

  • "A well-designed site will always get you visitors”
  • “You only need to worry about local directories”
  • “Pay-Per-Click - that gets quick action and sales”

Frankly, any or all of these can help you or hurt you depending on the technique – or lack of it -applied.  Most of these “campaigns” don’t build long-term search engine equity - and can cost a ton. Some don't even market your site, but their own portal! They are almost certainly not in your best interest!


ChooseMySite Digital Marketing Uses Our Years of Experience to

Build and Market Your Site the Way It Should Be


The Right Place

WHERE are your target customers searching for you?


The Right Time

WHEN is the best time to advertise your services to potential targets?


The Right Message

WHAT do your visitors want to see and know to make them take action now?

Search Engine Optimization is THE major marketing undertaking for a business.

 The basic must-haves for an effective online marketing campaign are a fast-loading website that converts visitors into leads, and top ranks on search engines. 

FIRST. You need to get your message across quickly and have your site stand out from the crowd. In fact - you lose 50% of your audience if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load on broad band - so a SPEED OPTIMIZED (Link to speed page) SITE is a KEY factor in your success!

SECOND. Your site needs to be designed and programed in a fashion that psychologically compels your audience to call you or complete a lead form.

THIRD. You need a team that knows how to leverage and navigate ever-changing SEO strategies to allow your website to not only be found in the online search results that count, but that will get it ranked - high. (This goes WAY BEYOND directories or a PPC campaign).

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How We Can Help Grow Your Business

NO Cookie-Cutter Solutions - EVER.

Each package is completely custom built.

No fixed pricing can be quoted because “one size (or style) fits all” doesn’t work for websites. We are NOT a one-trick pony, and don’t believe cookie cutter web design and marketing solutions work!  We will deliver the right solution to get you the best online results. Period.

  • 60 First Place Rankings / 120 Top 3 Ranks!
  • 127 Page One Ranks!
  • Shifted All Off-Line Marketing to SEO
  • Franchise Sales Up 87%
  • Closing Ratio Over 70%
  • Removed All Outbound Appt. Setters
  • Approx. 100 Cleaning Form Leads /Year
  • Over 60 Francisee Form Leads /Year
  • Over 400 Inbound Calls 2 to 15 Mins Long /Year
  • 16 Top Rankings Incl. Columbus Chiroporactors
  • 16 Top 3 Rankings / 75 Page One Rankings
  • 286 Form Leads in 2016 (More Calls)
  • 4 New Patients from Domain Brokerage Alone

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