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YouTube is more than the ”TV” version of social marketing. It is a visual encyclopedia, an almanac and the biggest “How to do it” resource ever. Motion, sound and content are the key and unique ingredients YouTube provides to gain visitor engagement.

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IN is a powerful tool to build your personal professional brand – to “sell” the person behind the company name. Building a strong story – without trying to peddle – can add dimension to your organization that will result in more success. If you join the right groups, and use IN to reach them, it’s a perfect way to reach peers, prospects and influencers.

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Facebook for Business

This is another, more informal way to build awareness for your organization. It can also create an impression of the people who are part of your company. That impression includes all the things that the business does to bring value to customers and community.

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Which Channel is Right For You?

The fact is – it depends, on a number of things. How competitive is your category? How much should you or can you say/show/display that will create a competitive advantage for you and your organization. And, how willing are you to make the effort to reach out to specific types of people and organizations that can help you achieve your organizational objectives:

  • Do you need to SHOW what you do?
  • Do you need to reach specific individuals?
  • Given the multi-generational composition of your market, do you need to impact more than just GenX?
  • Can you be consistent in communicating or just being in a dialogue?
Istanbul, Turkey - September 18, 2015: Apple Iphone 6 screen with social media applications of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope while a male finger is about to touch on Facebook app.

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