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Customer Reviews Say What You Can't

You work hard to impress your customers. When are you going to tap this valuable resource?

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Reviews are among the most important assets your business has

Research shows that reviews are more important to potential buyers than brand image or time in business

Through our process, you can easily get customer feedback and encourage them to provide online reviews.

This simple yet powerful platform lets you gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and generate the key element of online reviews.

This is an automated platform that starts with just your customer's email address and does the rest for you!


It Starts With An Email

The process starts by enter your customer's email address, then engaging your customers with a customized email invitation to review your business.


Simple, fast and easy

Just go to "Add Email" - you can add a single email or upload you customer list to start getting feedback.


Landing Pages & Kiosk Mode

We offer web pages and iPad kiosk modes to start the feedback process if you lack customers emails.


Set it
and Forget It

Our platform can be easily integrated with your CRM or database for a fully automated effort.

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